Destination Wedding Photographer at Locanda Rosa Rosae, with romantic long table in the middle of vineyard

Destination wedding photographer for the sweetest couple ever in one pf the location of my heart.
I have to thank My Italian Wedding Planner cause they created this event at Locanda Rosa Rosae that was one the place I want to visit again and again and again. This locanda in an ancient mill, with river, vineyard and on the top of the that, the interior was absolutely stunning, very well cared and refined.
This amazing couple comes from UK with the gang of relatives and best friends. A small groups charming people in love with Italy and good food and vineyards. It is always so nice to meet people who comes from abroad to get married in Italy, cause destination wedding is about a dream that comes true, about love, about an idea of party and warm atmosphere. It is a plan of beauty and unforgettable places.
The bride got changed at Locanda Rosa Rosa, in a room with a beautiful bed, design books at the right place, a vintage bathtub and washbasin in front of an old mirror.
She was so beautiful and emotional and her dad was so touched.
Melissa and Lee got married in the center of Asolo, and it was a beautiful ceremony in a nice room, with this perfect light that created like a spot on the couple and making all very theatrical. Following cold prosecco on a terrace overlooking the mountains, groups portraits and beautiful pictures of the couple inside the beautiful little streets in the town, in a perfect and genuine reportage style, just catching their intimacy.
Aperitif and dinner with such good food at the locanda Rosa Rosae, in a poetic location in the middle of the vineyard, high candles and touching speeches.