Destination Wedding Photographer at Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo, Urbino, for a couple coming from Switzerland and friends from all around the world.

Destination Wedding Photographer for these two amazing souls taking place at Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo, Marche region, Italy. This couple, so intimately connected and romantic and with a precise idea of what they were dreaming of. An intimate, with close friends and relatives celebration in a little secret garden, all the chairs set up in a circle like a spiral.
The preparation in two apartments of the Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo, all around sweet hills and vineyards.
The ceremony was very touching, with the contribution of speeches of friends and two amazing love declaration from both bride and groom.
It was very moving, genuine and involving.
the aperitif took place just before the sunset in a little secret garden with ivy and coloured plants. People from all around the world came along to celebrate this lovely couple and it was great living a moment of hugs among all these little groups.
We went in the middle of the vineyards to enjoy the light of the sunset and the hills in the skyline.
They were so close and in connection, with their secret feeling, I could take pictures and feeling like they were on their own. I enjoyed the beautiful Le Spose di Giò dress Sofia was wearing and the shy smile of Luca.
the best part of all this was their little trip by motorcycle along the alley with trees and wonderful panorama. In that moment they felt themselves. Young, free and just married.
The night was so sweet. A beautiful long wooden table with candles, gold and pink touches. It was so perfect and the atmosphere was really nice. During the dinner everybody was talking with the person close to each other and it was nice there were really good vibes and after the dinner, after the cake and the disco party started on a little terrace on the lake.