destination Wedding photographer for an event on an amazing terrace overlooking Bologna, Italy

Destination wedding in Bologna, my city, is like a dream coming true. I first met Katie and Robin in my studio in Bologna and I thought immediately they were really cool! They decided to get married in this city cause they love Italy and good food and wine so Bologna represented a perfect match of what they were looking for. So…deal! Katie was really stunning in her Cymbelyn Paris Dress from Mirror Mirror boutique in London. Romantic but very contemporary dress. Everything took place at Villa Scarani, on a terrace overlooking Bologna. Coloured dresses for beautiful women, prosecco, white little umbrellas.
A ceremony in a location like a marvellous theatre , with perfect symmetry and ritual in the italian sun of a very hot but sparkling day of July.
Pictures in a olives trees field with very poetic light and shadow on the skin, the best italian dream. Cut of the Parmesan instead of the traditional wedding cake at the aperitif time,. Sunset, friends and good italian traditions. My best memory of that day is the light.It was so warm and golden, on this terrace, with people chatting, children playing and all the family and groups portraits with beautiful colours and super elegant smoking. An amazing event coordinated by A Taste of Beauty Wedding in Italy.