Destination Wedding Photographer in Provence for a couple from Paris at the Family Holiday Home Property

Wedding photographer for a nice couple from Paris and getting married in Provence, at the bride’s family holidays house.
It’s been one of my favourites adventures. I love Provence and I love that kind of wedding where “simplicity, style, family home” are the ingredients for an unforgettable day.
I arrived by train in Nice and I had a lift by car to the little town where the wedding would have took place.
Arriving by train in Liguria and then in Cote D’Azur, the panorama was amazing and for me fabulous melancholy.
The little town was perfect: little streets, mountains, a couple of cafes with the same customers everyday, children playing football in the square, the church and a little and gorgeous hotel. The family home had a garden and a terrace overlooking the mountains and they organised the party to welcome relatives and friends after the celebration in the town hall, the day before the ceremony in the church.
The day of the wedding I went to the family home for the bride’s preparatives and she was so beautiful in a dress that was like a traditional provencal dress, so detailed and perfect.
Her two sisters to help her wearing the dress and last minutes before the wedding with her dad.
A beautiful rinfresco in the middle of the square, around the little fountain, like a little town festival. It was absolutely amazing.
I really loved this atmosphere. It was so genuine and spontaneous, so beautiful, so traditional but at the same time so contemporary.
And then the best arrived: a little corteo with the couple and children in front of the group and following traditional musicians walking from the town center, along the little streets towards the field where the long tables for the dinner were ready. The sunset light was magical and the people were happy and involved.
I really hoped that the pictures could tell about all these beauty.