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As wedding photographer I came across several types of family. And I think there is not just one way to be together…I loved so much this beautiful story of a little big family of 4, mum+dad+a little beautiful girl+a funny young boy and their beautiful day. And the location for the reception (Future Lab 2.0, Monte San Pietro) was STUNNING!!
Mum and Dad decided to get married and it was a very good idea! It was a super wedding full of friends and I felt blessed to be there cause there were so many emotions and I had the chance to catch those moments. If I think about that, one of the first images come across my mind is the look of the little boy when he saw her mother for the first time all dressed up with her amazing bride dress (Cymbeline n.d.r)…with the veil and the bouquet …. he was so moved and surprised…

From the beginning it was a “so warm” day…with a big family, brothers and sisters who deeply love each other, with smiles and laughs…children, children, children…everywhere.
Bride and groom were so charming, with a strong style and very clear ideas about what they wanted for their unique day. Long tables in the wood, little lights, flowers crown, super fashionable groom suit.

In the church the 4 of them has been together during almost the whole ceremony…so sweet, so moving.
As I have anticipated at the beginning, the location was really surprising, so we enjoyed the couple portrait session because every corner was the right one to have beautiful intimate moments.