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Wedding photographer in Apulia for a wonderful couple in front of the see and colored handmade little tambourines

Wedding Photographer in Apulia for two amazing souls. Manuela and Michele live in London, but they are both italians and she comes from bari, Apulia, so they decided to get married in this amazing place. I arrived the day before the wedding with little baby of five months and a half and my husband and we had a really nice walk in Bari Vecchia. This is an amazing place, it preserves a proper Southern Italy soul. Little bottega where buying focaccia barese, little groups of women out of their house door hand making orecchiette, small streets where is very easy to get lost but also to find the best place to buy something local very special. Italy is really rich of colours and traditions and these are so precious and represent the heart of our country. And after going out of all this net of vicoli, you arrive at the sea, with a seafront that is poetic.
Manuela and Michele got married at Fortino in the centre of Bari, in front of the sea and it was an absolutely romantic. Manuela was stunning in her beautiful dress, mediterranean vibes and Dolce & Gabbana Shoes. They asked for an absolutely genuine reportage, without groups photos and couple portrait and it came out that this is one of my favourite photoshoot ever. Just smiles and hugs and in my eyes all the colors are still so bright. After the ceremony they went to Villa De Grecis for the party. Lemons, aromatic plants and little coloured tambourines. The heart of south of Italy! The little tambourines were hand made by Manuela’s father who is also an artist and theatre designer. The long tables where so beautiful! When the couple arrived all the guests were shaking the tambourines and it was really a great moment of joy.
After the cake they had drinks and disco and Manuela dancing and tossing her hair in black and white is still one of may favorite pictures ever.