Wedding Photographer in Bologna for a warm and romantic beautiful event at a private family property

Wedding photographer for a little sweet family of three who decided to plan their wedding party at the family property.
I’ve met them in my studio and I was really touched from the words of the bride, Patrizia, who said they were dreaming a sincere and heartfelt celebration at this country side family home, with closed friend, family and good food. And after being there I can tell it really was.
I really fell in love with this couple. They were so beautiful and in love. I saw their genuine smiles, the beautiful party they created, the warm atmosphere of family meal, with such good food, nice flowers decor by Oui Fleurs, and a beautiful and delicious cake by Gino Fabbri Pasticcere, after a picture of all the family from the balcony.
Patrizia wore a marvellous Laurent de Sagazan gown, perfect for her and for the type of day she was dreaming of: delicate lace, amazing skirt, backless.
The day was sunny and all the family was involved in the preparation so you could see proud eyes looking at the beautiful house full of family pictures on the wall, little chapel decorated with flowers, nice living room with big table where the ancient families used to sit down for their meals, the nice alley full of hight trees where the car with bride and groom arrived.
On the table you also could see the ancient pictures of old aunties the day of their wedding and big family groups. So, during the groups family, my thought also went to the fact that my pictures will be the next to be on the wall of the familiy house walls. So, also this is the power of the pictures: remember. Remember persons, style, relationships, life as it was.