Wedding phototographer in Switzerlnad at Rapperswil Castle, around the Zurich Lake

This wedding photo reportage was one of my “abroad photo adventure”, together with the one in London and the other one in Provence (France).
This one in Switzerland was a super romantic wedding, with a couple I really loved from the first sight. Both so in love of each other, with big friends around and several emotional moments.
The kind of wedding reportage I love to work for.
And the locations where absolutely amazing and very dreamy.
But let me start from the amazing bride Patrizia that is half italian and half swiss, so she combines different beauties for one amazing soul. I really loved the beautiful atmosphere during her preparation: her best friends around her, with cups of hot tea, cookies, make up for every girl, in her “all white” house. Bride maids with different personalities dress, but one color : soft pink. Adore!

From one location to another I passed in front of beautiful parks, with an amazing green I can’t describe…and a speech less view on the Zurich lake. The ceremony took place at the Rapperswil Castle after a super emotional first look in a private room, not only for the bride and the groom but also for the bride’s parents and the bride and it was so romantic and the bride’s mother tears were so sweet I really loved that moment and I felt a privileged of being over there with them in their intimate moment.

We went around the lake to enjoy a beautiful couple photo session with a vintage convertible car under a lovely sun light.
Later the food was good and full of cultural contaminations and the location was on the lake.
I could remember my private moment, when I had to breast feed my little son (cause he was 2 months old and he came in Switzerland with me and my husband) and I asked for a private room at the venue and they brought me on this beautiful little room upstairs with cozy sofas and a view on the lake during a moment of rain with the sun at the sunset.

And when the night arrived the lights of the cities around the Zurich lake were trembling and perfect.